Mexico in November confirms that two inches of rain fell when we arrived in Cancun on 4th November and 10 inches the next day. Luckily, we had planned to drive to Chichen Itza immediately. Roads became rivers and palm trees were sweeping the ground. The Wrangler Jeep we hired seemed more than capable of tackling the concrete jungle of downtown Cancun. Soon we were on the dry tarmac of the route 180D toll road.

One thing you notice immediately is that the topes (speed bumps) on Mexican roads, is that the road signs give you little warning! The majority of towns and villages have these crazy abrupt speed bumps that cause even a 4WD driver to whince as his spine is jolted. Spotting these topes too late will certainly remind you that our Jeep didn't have ABS brakes as we screeched to a halt - with locals looking on, bemused.

Still editing the hundreds of photos taken on this eight day trip! More rants and photos soon.